There’s No Place For Hate In Gaming

This is Dave Johnson

Everything you see here was posted publicly by Dave Johnson of TSR, LLC. He is the author of Star Frontiers New Genesis and the publisher of Alarms & Journeys magazine. The purpose of this site is to help people understand who is behind the products and philosophy of the game company currently calling themselves TSR, LLC*. 

We believe there is no place for hate in gaming. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but tolerance should not extend to hate.

*Note: TSR, LLC is not related to the real TSR who created D&D and was later bought by Wizards of the Coast. It is a small business that named themselves that and is currently being sued by Wizards for trademark infringement.

​As of April 21, 2022, these tweets were still live at, and you can access an Archive from December 2019.

​Scroll the images below from left to right to see just a few hate messages tweeted by Dave Johnson, or keep scrolling down the page for more.

Content warnings for…. every kind of hateful behaviour.

Are we sure this is really Dave Johnson of TSR LLC?

Here’s the proof. His Twitter account was @DaveFilmsUS

He used the name “DaveFilmsUS” for all of his social media accounts. Below the side-by-side photos are shots of his DaveFilmsUS accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. After being exposed, he has taken to assuming other identities.

Messages of hate

The images below are all tweets posted by Dave Johnson. They run the gamut from racism to hate against gay people, transgender people, Muslims, women, fat people, and others. He posts pro-Nazi memes, white supremacist messages, fears of the “great replacement” of white people, even a bizarre attack on dialysis patients. 

His ideology of hate makes its way into his game products. It’s less overt, until you know the context of his true feelings below. Star Frontiers New Genesis has eugenics, a Nordic master race, slavery, white supremacy dog whistles like an obsession with milk, a focus on “purity” and strength, and an organization the players must join called the Confederacy of Civilized People.

It all adds up to a disturbing pattern of hate that has no place in gaming.


Racism & White Supremacy




Fat Shaming


Alt-right & conspiracy

Pretending to be ANTIFA

Dave Johnson is obsessed with Antifa, to the point of trying to pretend to be Antifa himself. It’s hard to tell what he wanted to accomplish by tweeting messages where he claimed to be a member of Antifa, but after all the hate you just had to scroll through, maybe you need a laugh.

Dave sure seems real comfortable saying the n-word….





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