There’s No Place For Hate In Gaming

Dave Johnson’s Facebook account

This is being posted for documentary purposes, so hate merchants like Dave can’t just slink away without making amends or facing up to their years of hateful rhetoric against marginalized and vulnerable peoples. Hiding accounts or saying “it wasn’t me” isn’t just cowardly, it’s also not going to work. The tweets at DaveFilmsUS came from Dave Johnson, who also is the owner of the DaveFilmsUS account at Gab, Pinterest, and Facebook.

To further establish that connection, here are screenshots from Mr. Johnson’s public Facebook posts.

Note that Dave often uses fake photos on his Facebook page, as seen here. The friend count is about 8 less people than above because this screenshot was taken a few hours after this site exposed his hate-filled posts. He has since hidden his Facebook profile.

This is Justin LaNasa, also of TSR, LLC, showing his support for Alarms & Journeys and Dave Johnson.

Unclear what Dave is talking about in his attacks on Apple. It’s possible he thinks that the rainbow logo was a recent update to show support for gay rights or diversity. It’s actually their original logo from the 1970s.

The post below is Dave’s response to the uproar over Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet comparing Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to an ape from Planet of the Apes. Dave apparently felt it was worth repeating and doubling down.

(Headlines shown afterwards for context)

Finally, here is video capture of the Facebook page, scrolled through partway.






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