There’s No Place For Hate In Gaming

Verifying the purveyors of hate speech

There’s been an outpouring of attention over the vile hatred posted by Dave Johnson (TSR, LLC; Star Frontiers New Genesis, Alarms & Journeys Magazine) on Twitter in the past 24 hours. We’re grateful that so many people in the gaming world have spoken up to say NO to hate.

While the evidence is already on the page that the posts are indeed by Dave Johnson, from his own account, we feel it is best to document everything as completely as possible. There will be other blog posts after this one as we collect more proof.

As shown on the front page of this site, DaveFilmsUS is the handle that Dave Johnson uses on all his social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Gab. The Gab posts have just been captured and will be presented in a followup blog post.

The evidence that this is indeed Dave Johnson, and not a hacker or impersonator:

  • The Twitter account is about five years old. The tweets go back as far as August 16, 2017.
  • DaveFilmsUS is the same handle used on all of Dave Johnson’s social media
  • Videos by Dave Johnson, speaking directly to camera, are posted on @DaveFilmsUS. These videos are not available elsewhere.
  • Several of the tweets on @DaveFilmsUS are identical to posts made by Dave Johnson on Facebook and Gab
  • Dave’s Gab account links repeatedly to the Twitter account, and contains several posts affirming that the Twitter account belongs to him.
  • The sentiments, writing style, and specific images used match Dave Johnson’s verified Facebook account.

As of today, May 17th 2022, his account at is still live and displaying all of the ugly hate that we have documented on this site. (Edit: the site has been taken down. This is exactly why we saved the full feeds in the videos below) For the sake of posterity, we have captured screen recordings of his complete Twitter feed, scrolling from top to bottom. These are lengthy videos, saved here for documentary purposes. They are long and may take some time to load. There is no sound.

Here is a scrolling video of Dave Johnson’s Twitter account, from the “Media” tab:

Here is the main feed from his Twitter account:

Content from Dave’s Twitter feed, compared with Dave Johnson’s Facebook & Gab posts:

Nov. 23rd – Twitter & Facebook:
Screenshot from DaveFilmsUS on Twitter
Posted Nov. 23, 2017 to @DaveFilmsUS on Twitter
Screenshot from Dave Johnson's Facebook page
Posted Nov. 23, 2017 to Facebook by Dave Johnson
Dec. 16, 2017 – Twitter, Facebook, & Gab:

This is the “Rosetta stone” if you like, confirming that @DaveFilmsUS is the same Dave Johnson on all three platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Gab.

Posted Dec. 16th to Twitter by Dave Johnson
Posted Dec. 16, 2017 to Facebook by Dave Johnson
Posted Dec. 16, 2017 to Gab by Dave Johnson

Posts from Dave’s Gab page, verifying that he is @DaveFilmsUS on Twitter:

Dave’s Gab page is still up as of this writing at 3:30pm on Tuesday, May 17th. Like all his other accounts, it is @DaveFilmsUS, at this link:

Note that Gab doesn’t display full previews of images, so you have to click on the picture to see the whole thing. On September 19, 2017, he wrote on his Gab account “My Twitter account has been locked.” He helpfully included a screenshot of his Twitter account, which as you can see, is @DaveFilmsUS.

Not only was he helpful enough to verify his Twitter account with a screenshot, it’s clear that the screenshot was taken while logged into the Twitter account @DaveFilmsUS, because it has a message from Twitter to him visible, and a “delete” button that is only available on one’s own account.





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